So what’s all
the buzz about?

With ease of use as a founding principle, Otrum Signage offers a big impact with little effort.

  • Turn any screen into a signage screen

    All it takes is a HDMI port, our small form factor media player and, hey presto, you've got yourself a signage screen.

  • Compatible with all smart signage displays

    It's even easier if you already have a smart signage screen. Just plug and play – no media player required!

  • Customisable templates

    Templates built to make your brand shine. Customise them by dragging and dropping to create eye-catching and unique templates that strengthen your brand identity.

  • Integration with web services

    Update your customers on news, weather, flights and trains. A simple one-off set-up lets you create a dynamic template that keeps them up to speed.

  • Touch Screen room booking

    Allows ad-hoc bookings via the touch screen, using Otrum’s own booking engine or Office 365 / MS Exchange. Compatible with a large range of touch screen displays. See the feature presentation video here

  • IoT capable

    Do you use IoT devices? You can easily integrate them into our Signage system to display all kinds of sensor data. From people counters in stores, to the temperature in your meeting rooms and much much more.

  • Smarter wayfinding

    Manage crowd flow in high traffic areas and give clear visual directions to meeting rooms, event spaces, bathrooms, lifts and everything else your customers keep asking you about.

  • Automated wayfinding

    Do you want meeting information to appear automatically? Great news, Otrum Signage has integration to MS Exchange and other 3rd party booking solutions.

  • Super simple scheduling

    Of course, you want full control over where and when your content is shown. With our calendar feature and playlist bundles, you can effortlessly plan the order of images, videos and texts and define how long they should be shown.

  • Cloud based

    Managed entirely in the cloud, your content is always securely stored. With scalable storage you don't even need to worry about large graphics and videos.

  • Web portal management

    Because people don't stay put, you can access our screen and content manager via a web browser on any of your devices – from wherever you are!

  • Login control and user rights

    People come and go, but you can always administer login control and user rights within the Otrum Signage web portal.

  • Offline mode

    Black screens? No thank you! Our offline mode ensures that content is up even when the connection is down.

  • Smooth playback of Full HD

    Who doesn't love crisp Full HD videos and images? We certainly do. Upload any Full HD video or image for full screen playback or as part of a segmented screen.

  • Schedule Plans

    Trigger instant changes to the planned schedule on remote screens, allowing for ad-hoc changes to the displayed content. Plans can be activated via the web based CMS, or easily integrated to 3rd party applications via an open API.

  • YouTube integration

    We love YouTube here at Otrum Signage. Select any YouTube video and we'll make sure it plays.

  • Common content display

    Multiple screens can be harmonised with the same content by placing them in the same content schedule.

  • Split screen designs

    As screens are getting larger, you may have a huge visual area to cover. With Otrum Signage you can segment those larger areas into smaller content zones at the push of a button.

  • Extensive font catalogue

    With a wide range of fonts to choose from, we're confident that you will find the one you need to make your screen design pop.

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