Cooperation by knowledge

CBK Distribusjon

Cooperation by knowledge

Located in Karihaugen in Oslo, CBK imports and distributes AV products, network equipment, cables, components and accessories. Customer centricity is a founding principle at CBK and they consistently put their customers’ needs first. This has been the basis of their growth since the early 2000s, and today you can always feel secure that they will take the time to understand your needs. As a CBK customer you will be happy to know that their name stands for Cooperation By Knowledge.

In 2017 the company took yet another step in the right direction. Launching a new website and webshop made being an CBK client even more convenient. Now you can easily find the solution that fits your needs, select components, get assistance and access their knowledge.

Today CBK is a leading supplier of solutions and components in the field of data and communication. With an uncompromising approach to functional solutions, competence and efficient procurement and logistics towards resellers and a genuine interest in your needs as a client, CBK delivers solutions that give your business the upper hand.

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