Keeping guests happy
with Otrum

Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel, Stockholm

Already relying on Otrum to cater to their guest’s TV needs, the Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel in Stockholm felt that Otrum had the best overall solution in terms of TV and signage. That the system is user friendly and can be changed from any computer made it an easy choice for the large hotel in the financial district of Stockholm.

An enjoyable experience

Today they are happy to say that both the hotel’s employees and guests benefit from the Otrum Signage solution, with screens all around the hotel from the reception to the conference area and even the elevators. Wayfinding helps to get guests from A to B, making sure they reach their meeting and don’t waste any valuable time along the way.

“Our guests have easy access to the information they need – and for us it’s a huge time saver”, says the General Manager, Christian Herslow. “Being able to prepare for tomorrow and even the day after has proved to be a huge benefit”.

As a business hotel catering for conferences, Otrum Signage has proven to be a valuable asset on their conference floor. “Not only do we appear more professional with a digital signage solution, but our guests can also easily find their way around – and we can concentrate on making their experience as enjoyable as possible,” smiles Herslow.

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