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Thaugland Trelastservice

Custom offers and attracting new talent. This is how building materials supplier Thaugland Trelastservice get their money’s worth with digital signage.

Established in Norway in 1913, Thaugland Trelastservice has a rich heritage and a special standing in the professional market. Family owned for five generations makes them a positive and slightly different company in the field of building supplies. With their four departments and three warehouses they cover the greater Oslo area with a spectrum of quality goods for the building industry. Continuously focused on their customer specific needs, this family company prides itself with exclusively hiring people with expertise in their field.

“At Thaugland we strive to meet the complex demands of the professional market”, says director Thomas Berger. “This means that we not only have to hire specialists, supply top notch products, we also have to tailor to unique needs when it comes to special offers. This is exactly what Otrum Signage helps us do.”

Thaugland Trelastservice uses digital screens to display special offers and highlight products they think their customer’s will be interested in. “We update our screens continuously and have already received positive feedback from customers. That the interface is simple to use and can be updated from any devices is a plus in a business where no one ever sits down,” concludes Berger.

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