to 3,000 homes over

four UK sites

Get Living, London & Manchester

Get Living communicates with residents via Otrum Signage

Get Living is the UK’s premier build-to-rent operator, managing over 3,000 homes across London and Manchester. With thousands of residences in buildings scattered over four sites, Get Living recognised the need to increase the efficiency of their digital signage communication systems and chose to use Otrum Signage, via Otrum’s Partner Airwave Europe.

Airwave was tasked to update Get Living’s signage infrastructure and recommended LG signage displays, installing a mixture of models and sizes. LG’s hardware provides a robust and reliable backbone to Get Living’s signage infrastructure, however the brains of the system is provided by Otrum’s signage software. Airwave used LG’s SOC technology to implement Otrum Signage on each of the newly installed displays and, using Raspberry Pi media players, retro-fitted Otrum on existing displays.

We are extremely happy with Airwave’s solution” said Get Living Infrastructure Project Manager, Lucasz Mikita “the displays are on 24-7, yet they’ve remained problem free thus far.”

It’s been an honour collaborating with Airwave to provide a system for Get Living” said LG Sales Manager Barrie O’Neill “the screens look very much in keeping with Get Living’s modern aesthetic!”

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