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When it comes to designing and manufacturing digital signage information systems, SAUBAG are go-to guys. At SAUBAG you will get excellent advice and help to choose the digital signage hardware that is right for you. In addition to their standard product range, they provide technical assistance in designing and manufacturing fully customised digital signage solutions.

SAUBAG’s indoor totems are eye-catching to say the least. Custom made in any RAL colour, delivered in a variety of sizes and, with your brands logo, these screens will really make your message pop.

Don’t want to stay inside? No problem, SAUBAG’s outdoor totems have an impressive temperature range, from freezing Scandinavian winters to sizzling Middle Eastern summers. How have they pulled that off? Well, by sealing off the totems from their environment with heaters and air-condition of course. We feel confident that you’ll be as impressed by SAUBAG as we are.

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