Cloud marketplace
for cloud services

ALSO Cloud Marketplace

Cloud marketplace for cloud services

The ALSO Cloud Marketplace is much more than automatic provisioning of cloud services. It is the market’s most comprehensive online marketplace with a feature set for sales, support, reporting and self-care of various cloud services.

ALSO Cloud Marketplace enables Cloud Vendors, Cloud ISVs and Channel Partners to aggregate, integrate, customise and manage a variety of cloud services in their personalised cloud marketplaces. ALSO Cloud Platform automates the cloud service life cycle from selling to billing, and makes it easy to create hybrid offerings combined with value added services that provide the optimal fit for the desired customer vertical.

Through the ALSO ecosystem, we have access to all market participants: technology manufacturers, technology service providers, distributors and end users. The attractiveness of the ecosystem lies in the number and variety of different market participants and their technologies and products. These are driven by constant innovation, and newly created products and services form the basis for further business development

ALSO’s three business models – Supply, Solutions and Service – cover the entire range from “on-premise” (transactional, acquisition of hardware and software) to “off premise” (consumptional, usage-based IT-as-a-Service via the cloud) including possible hybrid solutions. The three business models complement one another, with all three areas benefiting from the shift toward usage-based offers.

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