Complete Digital Signage solution.

Informing students and teachers in real-time

Campus Middelharnis

Digital Signage solution provided for Campus Middelharnis, Netherlands.
A complete signage solution is indispensable within the education sector. Here we replace the paper notice board and use narrowcasting signage screens to inform students and teachers in real-time.
Campus Middelharnis asked Otrum’s local partner ClubDisplay to supply a narrowcasting system with which teachers can show information quickly and easily on various displays in the class rooms. They also wanted to use 55″ Kiosk Displays at the entrances and exits.

Informing students and teachers
A modern and advanced narrowcasting system is indispensable in education. By using narrowcasting screens, students are quickly informed about timetable changes, room changes, absent teachers, or the daily menu in the canteen.

Grab the attention of every student.
In the educational sector, it is precise information that matters. Digital signage is distinctive and easily attracts the attention of students. In addition, it gives the ability to access almost any data source to provide relevant information. From messages from the canteen with special offers, to specific campus information about the cancellation of lectures.

Solutions for education.
Universities and schools can use Otrum’s software for signage, planning and general communication, or a menu board in various cafeterias or coffee corners. It can provide safety and security routines, be used in libraries and gyms, but also increase engagement with the educational institution. Contact us to discuss the best application method for your facility.


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