Events arena
with a capacity of 25,000 people

Telenor Arena

Just think what Otrum Signage can do for you!

Telenor Arena Oslo (capacity 25,000 attendees) turned to Otrum Signage for cloud based management of 100+ displays. For live events, Otrum takes broadcast video from the HD production units, streaming it across the arena’s Samsung TIZEN displays.

Martin Quintero Farstad, from Telenor Arena was impressed with our solution from day one; ‘’The Otrum Signage platform has proven to be a solid and robust platform for our facility”.

When you need to engage with 25,000 visitors, you need to turn to a digital signage platform which delivers impact.

Martin continues “The big benefit is that it allows us to dynamically adjust our in-house signage to meet the needs of the hosted event. Our signage requirements can be very different between sports, concerts and exhibitions – and being able to swap configurations easily is a big bonus. Additionally, we often need to adjust the wayfinding and directions before, during and after an event, Otrum Signage allows us to control the crowd flow in an optimum way to avoid congestion and potential safety issues, while ensuring thousands of attendees a smooth entry and exit to the Telenor Arena.”

When it comes to savings, Telenor Arena reduced costs and their environmental Impact by going digital.
Martin added that “Otrum Signage has replaced the need of many of the event specific posters needed earlier, this helps Telenor Arena get closer to environment targets and saves a lot of time putting up printed posters.”



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