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Some of the naming terms that are used in Otrum Signage may be new to you. It’s not complicated but, just to be sure we are on the same page, we have compiled a quick list for you.


This is your company’s total signage solution, physically hosted in Otrum’s cloud.


The web-based interface tool where you manage your site.

Content management panel

The panel to the right side of the home page, where you manage and organise all content types.


A collection of timeslots for content, one or more screens can belong to a schedule. A single schedule shows the same content on all screens in the schedule.


The timings for displaying specific content within a schedule. A timeslot can contain multiple individual content items and playlists.


Playlists bundle together individual content items, including timings, play order and when your content will be shown.


Your content is all the images and videos that you upload, as well as templates and the channels you subscribe to.

Default content

Within a schedule, default content is what will show on screen at all times. Default content is overridden or merged if there are timeslots within the schedule.


A way to segment a screen into multiple zones where each zone can independently show static or dynamic content. This includes widgets for text, images, tickers, video, time, date, flight information, web pages, QR code display, weather forecasts, social media feeds, video web-streaming e.g. YouTube, wayfinding and event information. The information that you wish to display may require an additional subscription fee.


Subscription to a preconfigured playlist from a channel publisher e.g. a headquarter publishing content for regional offices.


Your Smart Signage screen or TV/ monitor connected to your Otrum Media Player.