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Working with schedules

Schedules are a great way to manage both your content and your time. To see your sites schedule’s go to the homepage. Schedules contain the timeslots that you want different content to be shown on your screens. A site can have multiple schedules, and each of these schedules can contain multiple screens. A single schedule shows the same content on all screens in the schedule.

Add a new schedule

Click on the large plus icon and select ‘New Schedule’.

Add default content

No-one wants to see black screens, so it is a good idea to start by setting default content for your schedule. The default content will play at all times in a continuous loop unless you set timeslots that override it or merge with it. Open your schedule, click ‘Set default’ and drag in your default content.

Different content on different days

Open a schedule and click ‘enable weekdays’. This will allow you to show your timeslots on e.g. Mondays and Thursdays only. This content will override or merge with any content that is in the daily schedule. If you want to show content on a specific date, use the calendar option.

Rename a schedule

Click on the schedule to open it, edit the name and save with the tick icon.

Delete a schedule

If a schedule includes screens, you must first move or delete them. On the home page use the trash can icon to delete the schedule.

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