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Microsoft Exchange integration

If you would like to link your wayfinding to a Microsoft Exchange calendar, there are a few simple steps needed to put this in place.

Open the Admin section and select the ‘Config’ icon. In the lower section, click on ‘Add’ to specify the new integration. From the drop-down list, select ‘Exchange’, and enter your own description for this service.

Next you will need to enter the URL of the Microsoft Exchange Web Services, followed by an authorised user name and password.

The final step in the configuration is to specify the text to be shown if a meeting is flagged as ‘private’ in the calendar booking. Each meeting room will now need to be mapped to the correct room resource in Microsoft Exchange. Select the meeting room. Click on the ‘integration binding’ checkbox. Select the Microsoft Exchange service from the list and enter the identifier for the correct room resource in Microsoft Exchange. Repeat this step for all meeting rooms to be mapped.

Once done, the bookings made in Microsoft Exchange will appear automatically on your wayfinding and door sign screens.