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Navigating the web portal

Okay, let’s get you familiarised with the portal. To open the portal and display your site log-in here.

If you have a log-in that accesses multiple sites, you can select the one you want from the dropdown menu on the left.

The three main sections in the portal are: Home, Events and Admin. On the top bar, you can also see the user that is logged in and you can change the language setting of the portal.


The home page is where you manage your content, including schedules and screens (main body area). The content management panel on the right-side includes images, videos, templates, playlists and channels. Use this panel to upload content, arrange it in sub-folders and delete it. You can also select to view thumbnails of all images, video and templates. The homepage is also where you see the technical information and device status of an individual screen. Simply hover over the top right of a screen within a schedule and click on the settings icon.


This is where you book your events into the locations using a calendar overview (e.g. meetings in conference rooms). During initial set-up, this section enables you to configure screens and locations for use in your wayfinding solution. You can set-up overview screens guiding people to locations, as well as screens outside the locations. If your site is connected to a third-party booking solution, it is managed here.


The admin area is where you get an overview of all your connected screens and their technical information. You can see all users that have access and the role they have assigned, and importantly a log of all user activities.

That’s it, really.