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Working with playlists and channels

Time to play with playlists! You can think of them as ‘bundles of content’. This content may refer to a particular product, special offer or event etc. By bundling your content into one playlist, you can easily add it to one or more schedules or templates. All content within a playlist will play in a loop, once it is added into a schedule.

Create a playlist

From the content management panel, open the playlists tabs. To create a new playlist, click on the small plus icon and give the playlist a name. Double click on the playlist name to open it, by default it is empty. Drag and drop previously imported images and videos to create your playlist, you can also add templates and channels.

Edit a playlist

All changes made within a playlist are updated across all schedules. Items in the playlist can be reordered, you can also change the duration of individual items (-/+ icons or with free text). This is the amount of time each content item will appear onscreen, to see the total duration of a playlist see the bottom right of the playlist window. Click the preview icon to watch the whole playlist before you publish it, it will appear in a pop-up window.

Copy a playlist

Playlists have a useful ‘copy’ function, click on the playlist you want to copy, select the copy symbol and provide a name for the new playlist.

Import a playlist

You can import an entire playlist from a PowerPoint document or PDF, by clicking on the PowerPoint/PDF icon on the playlist tab. Otrum Signage converts each page into an image, creates a new folder containing all images and makes the new playlist.

Set time constraints on a playlist

Using the time constraints option, you can set when your playlist will be valid e.g. for the duration of an event or a special offer. Once you have applied time constraints, a blue bar will appear showing the time constraints set.

Keep organised

Playlists can be kept in folders, use the folder icon below the tab name and drag and drop your content into the folder. You can also delete content by selecting it and clicking the trash bin icon.


Subscription to preconfigured playlist from a channel publisher e.g. a headquarter publishing content for regional offices. If you have permission to subscribe to a channel it will be visible in the content management panel.

That’s it, you’re ready to go!

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