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Initial setup for wayfinding

Once you master wayfinding with Otrum you won’t believe you once lived without it. To get started you’ll need to identify the locations that you want to direct people to, and the screens you’ll use for it. Add the screens you want by clicking the plus icon on the homepage. From there, simply follow the instructions.

Add locations

Your locations are the places you are directing people to. To add the ones you want open the Events tab and click on ‘Locations’ in the content management panel. Then select ‘Add Location’ and give the location a name. “Integration Binding” is for those sites that are connected to third party booking solutions, please see separate information.

Link screens to locations

Most locations, such as meeting rooms, will have a dedicated screen next to the door. To show the events going on in that location, you need to pair the screen to the location. On the Events tab, select ‘Wayfinding’ in the content management panel. The top bar will say ‘Click here to select screen’, underneath the screen name, select the location that the screen should be paired to and save your changes. Modifying the screen/location link is all managed here. Repeat as necessary for all screens / locations.

Configuring the overview screen

It is common to have one or more overview screens, that show directions to your locations and information on the events taking place. Overview screens may show all locations, or just a small selection e.g. all on the 1st floor.

An overview screen needs to show what direction the location is in, from the perspective of the person viewing that screen. Under the Events tab, the top bar will say ‘Click here to select screen’ – choose the overview screen. All locations will show below this, use the checkboxes to select which locations will show on this overview screen.

Setting wayfinding icons for the overview screen

In the content management panel under images, there is a library of wayfinding icons (tip: show thumbnails to make selection easier), select the correct icon for the direction and apply it to the location using ‘drag and drop’, repeat for each location. Save the settings.

Note. If you are using Outlook +++ to automatically integrate event information, please refer to the separate section.