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Working with templates

Let’s get you up to speed on how to use templates.

Create a new template

From the content management panel open ‘Templates’. Create a new template by clicking on the + plus icon. Add a name, choose the format of your screen and save. Open your new template from the template list. If you want to set a background colour or a background image from your library, you can do this by opening ‘settings’.

Add information to a template

Open your new template and select ‘Add items’ on the top right. Here you can choose the options that suit your needs. You can add multiple items, drag and drop them to move their location, and edit their settings in the content management panel. After saving, return to the home page, and use ‘drag and drop’ to allocate your template to the correct schedule.

Keep organised

Templates can be kept in folders. The way you organise them is by dragging and dropping them using the folder icon below the tab name. You can also delete content by selecting it and clicking the trash bin icon.

That’s all there is to it!

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